Get Your Cat Bat Soon!!


So Dean Kamen thought he had the world excited with his Segway?
He said it would revolutionize the way we did things and make our lives easier. Well my friend I'm here to tell you nothing will compare to the Cat Bat!
As soon as all of our patents are in order and the E.P.A. finishes testing the product to prove it puts out zero emissions, we will be making this product available to the public. Also we are working with the F.D.A. so that we can release this product in a non prescription form.

Now with this single inexpensive device you can solve hundreds of problems with cats around your house and it's non toxic! Just listen to what people who have tried it have to say. ( note: These people were chosen at random to test the Beta version of the Cat Bat and it is not currently not available anywhere but will be soon.)

Pam in Tulsa OK : Before the Cat Bat I had to vacuum cat hairs out of my carpet all the time. My kids were getting hair balls from eating the food they drop on the floor. Then with just one use of the cat bat my problems were solved and it left no residue. Thanks Cat Bat!

Sam in Houston TX : Ever go out to your clean car in the morning and find cat tracks across the hood? Well I did all the time! I got a Cat Bat and WOW with just one application, NO MORE CAT PRINTS!! Thanks Guys

Patty in Dowagiac MI : Ooohhh That smell! I bought the best kitty liter on the market but my house still smelled. I couldn't keep a man around for more than a week. I used the Cat Bat once and my house smells fresher than it ever has also I have a new man that's been around more than a month. Thank you very much Cat Bat!!

As you can see the uses of the Cat Bat vary widely. This environmentally friendly product will amaze you with it's ease of use. However it is not recommend on cats over 75 pounds.

You Know how successful the Cat Carrier was last year. From the following add you can see how useful it is. Well, the Cat Bat promises to be just as useful.

More to come

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